Guide To Create Your Own Custom Gaming PC

It is difficult to imagine that today, someone still hasn’t played any video game. While video games are available on different consoles and platforms, the most respected and constructed gaming platform is PC. PC games have been around from the very beginning of video games, and the millennials have witnessed the evolution of gaming from 2D concepts to today’s virtual reality. However, PC gaming has remained the king of gaming consoles and has no plans to lose its spot in the coming years. So if you have been dying to get yourself a gaming setup, this guide will help you build your custom gaming PC.

Things to keep in mind

What kind of games do you like to play? If you want to play racing games in your PC, you will need the best possible components available in the market like AussyELO to run the latest games like Dirt Rally 2.0 and Forza Horizon. It will be difficult to run such games on average PCs, and you will suffer from heating issues more often. However, FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Player Unknown Battlegrounds, does not require the best gaming setup and can provide satisfying 60-100FPS on an average gaming setup.

You must also know your budget and be careful about spending on the things that you will require. There is no point in spending most of your money on the GPU, which will be pointless if you have only 4 GB of RAM in your budget. Keep a planned list of components that you need.

3 Major Components

Central Processing Unit

The most important part of your entire gaming setup will be your CPU. This is what this guide will teach you. The only knowledge you need for a good gaming PC is arranging a good CPU, nothing else. Intel and AMD have been the giants in offering the best CPUs. Choose from the latest CPUs under your budget because if your CPU doesn’t perform, everything will be a total waste.



The motherboard is like the heart of your CPU and comprises of most of the parts of your PC, consider RAM, Graphics card, CPU. If your motherboard dies, your PC dies. You will need to replace the entire configuration for your motherboard. Choose a motherboard which supports all the hardware required for your gaming PC. It should have USB ports, memory slots, SATA ports for hard drives. A good quality motherboard will cost you not more that 500 dollars and will be a safe choice to go for ASUS or ASRock motherboards.

Graphics Card

The most exciting part of constructing a gaming PC, which literally provides life to your games. Choosing a good graphics card will be the most important decision of your gaming life. If you are looking forward for professional gaming and will be upgrading your PC regularly, make sure that your motherboard, powersupply and case should support further upgrades. Nvidia and AMD provide the best graphics cards in the market and are used by all professional games to play heavy graphics games.


You can choose the highest available RAM and SSD in your budget. It does not affect your gaming experience as long as it satisfies the minimum requirements for your games.

When you are ready with your list for these three components, you can easily divide the rest of the money smartly for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Welcome to the gaming community.

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