How To Make Gaming Safe For Children

The gaming craze has caught up with young and old alike. It’s a bit worrisome that little children are exposed to something that they cannot handle at a young age. But yet, kids these days end up playing video games and even online games, and all we can do is take the effort and precaution to ensure they have a safe experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Age criteria:

Before you allow your child to play a game, make sure you check the age criteria for that particular game. Almost all games these days come with a permissible age bracket and the responsibility of ensuring your child is playing the right game at the right age lies on the parents or guardians of the children.

Age criteria


There are a lot of websites out there which spell out games which are child-friendly and fit for little kids to play. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure you go through these websites, read the reviews and then decide what games your child should be allowed to play. Most of the times, even the description of the games don’t reveal much of details about the games – but with these reviews, you are in a better position to know what exactly is in the game and then decide accordingly.

Family settings:

You have the option of using family settings to make sure your child has access only to the games approved by you. These settings ensure that your child can play only the games which are age appropriate and don’t have any unwanted content in them. Use this option to secure your child from all the explicit games out there.

Teach your kids:

Teach your kids

You need to make your kids aware about the pros and cons of gaming. You should teach them how to block fellow gamers who are harassing or troubling them in any form. Your kid should be able to handle such situations even in your absence, so it’s best you get their basics right.

Set time limits:

You need to have a fixed gaming schedule for your children. Make sure your kids follow the schedule strictly. Gaming has a lot of side effects, and prolonged gaming has severe side effects. It’s best to allow the kids to enjoy the games for a limited time. Also, make sure the kids play outdoor games a lot more than they are glued to the PCs or smartphones playing online games.

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